My Packing Essentials: Bachelorette Parties and Winery Tours

Ahh so exciting! My first (finally) blog post just in time for my BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!! I am seriously so excited yall I can hardly contain it. I can’t even begin to tell yall how hard my girls have been working on making this the best bachelorette weekend ever. I only know a handful of details, but I know they have been plotting for months to make sure it is perfect. As soon as my girls and I started talking about this highly anticipated weekend, I knew I wanted something fun but classy-Fredericksburg wine tours! What is classier than touring wineries with your closest gal pals, mom and almost mother-in-love? I sure can’t think of anything. A lot of people were surprised that I invited my mom and Tony’s mom along on our bachelorette weekend. To this, I need to say first of all, my mom and Suzanne, Tony’s mom aren’t like other moms, they’re cool moms (yes, Mean Girls reference). But in all seriousness, they are so much fun and I love them both so much, I can’t imagine a fun bride weekend without these two women. Plus, we are all pretty chill and won’t be having anything inappropriate going on that the moms wouldn’t be able to be a part of, I don’t roll that way. I will never do anything, even if people think it’s the “last fling before the ring,” that would dishonor or disrespect my morals or my husband. My dad and his dad are going on his bachelor trip too, we seriously have just been super blessed to be so close to each other’s families like our own.

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If you know me, you know that I hate packing because I procrastinate and pack WAY too much. After 22 years of traveling with me (and my mother), my dad still doesn’t know why I need to bring 6 different pairs of black shoes on one trip. Another issue I have, I over pack. But come on, you never know what kind of outfit mood you’re going to be in each day, so the obvious answer is to bring a couple different options for each day…again, my dad does not understand this either.

Anywho, my packing essentials. So for this weekend getaway, my weekender bag is packed full of 4 of my favorite things: pearls and my favorite color pallet of neutrals. What I consider to be my neutrals (I will be doing a post on this coming up soon) are soft colors that consist of cream, blush and light blue tones. The combo of these three colors reminds me of the streets of Italy which is on my bucket list of places to go. They are soft enough that you can pair them with just about any other color and it will still work.

First up, I have my travel outfit for the plane ride in the morning. I just got this top and jeans from Anthropologie this past week. When I tried to find the link to the shirt online for some reason I couldn’t find it, I think it might have been on sale. My sweet (almost) mother in law bought me these ADORABLE blush and pearl sneakers. *I have to add: I have the most sensitive feet in the world and typically shoes like these rub blisters on my heels, but these are extremely comfortable!* This pearl and crystal necklace is from Nordstrom about two years ago, but I have added a super similar necklace on the shop tab at the bottom. Heads up, you will be seeing this necklace with just about every outfit I’m packing.

Once we get there I think we are going to our cute little Airbnb house to hang out unpack, make some frosè (also have a post coming about how to make this!) maybe play a few games and get ready. For those who don’t know what frosè is, it’s exactly what it sounds like – frozen rosé. It’s so good and refreshing during these hot summer months! My god sister made some the other night for our “sister sleepover” and it was BOMB y’all. I’ve also included a few of my essential beauty care products that I can’t go anywhere without! We have dinner reservations tomorrow night, also one of the details that I do not know. All I was told is to dress “swanky and sophisticated,” whatever that means. So that brings me to this outfit: this super ethereal romper and these silver heels. Ever since I got engaged, all I want to do is wear white since I’m a bride and basically the bride is the only one who can wear white to bridal showers and such. So I’m taking full advantage of this. My sweet mother bought me this romper for this weekend and I am so grateful for her kind heart, I always like a cute new outfit!!

Saturday we are getting up and hitting the wineries! Hopefully after a super carb-heavy breakfast so we don’t pass out from all the wine tastings….! My sweet bridesmaids and maid of honor ordered us matching shirts to wear to our tours because obviously, we have to make it known that we are a bride tribe! They got me a super cute, slouchy white t-shirt that says “The Future Mrs. Trahan” on it in black with our wedding hashtag at the bottom, #TurnHerATrahan. I’m pairing this with some new black shorts and slides I got this week. And yes, I went and spent way too much money shopping for this trip! But hey, I only get one bachelorette weekend, gotta go big! These shorts are literally my new favorite, they are so comfy and super stretchy. They’re a little bit high-waisted, not too much, but enough to be super flattering. These slides are also super comfy, which is a must walking around wineries and vineyards all day! And of course, they are loaded with pearls too!! I chose slides not only for their comfort, but also because the majority of my bridesmaids are super cute and tiny, so slides help me not feel like the jolly green giant.

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Saturday night after the all the wine, my girls came in super clutch and chose to order pizza to be delivered to our cute little house! We are going to make some drinks (probably more frosè) and make some s’mores since our house has a super cozy fire pit out back! I’m probably going to be in either lululemon or my Nordstrom pajamas that I got at the N-sale. I have seriously worn them since I bought them. They are so soft and stretchy and literally the most comfortable pjs I’ve ever had.

Sunday is our return home day, booooo. I’m not even there yet and I’m already dreading having to leave and come home, but after a weekend away from my man, I’ll be super excited to kiss his face and hug the love right out of him! We have lunch reservations at a super cute little Texas hill country bistro called Vaudeville. Since we might be doing a little shopping in the downtown area and returning home after this, I packed a super cozy & baggy Free People blouse with some of their cream denim shorts and a pair of espadrilles. I got these shoes from TJ Maxx a few years ago for $12.99! They can be hit or miss, but they tend to have some super cute casual shoes for amazing prices! I’m also packing a cozy sweater for the plane, it tends to get pretty chilly up there!

I hope yall enjoyed my first post! Follow along through the weekend on my Instagram @alexandria_aleece


Until next time,

XX, Axie Aleece


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